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Monthly Seminar Documents

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No Date Speaker  Title Records
25 2009.2.3 Saburo Takizawa
Susumu Yamakage
Kazushi Shimizu
Tamio Nakamura
Takao Suami
Yoshiaki Sato
Review of Draft Charter of an East Asian Community   DP24 
24 2008.12.3 Derek Hall "Food with a Visible Face": Food Traceability in Japan and Private Governance of the Food System H25  
23 2008.5.23 Yoichiro Usui Regionalism and Environmental Governance: A Case of EU Climate Change Policies H24  
22 2007.12.17 Tamio Nakamura Assessing the ASEAN Charter H23-1 DP23 
Yoshiaki Sato H23-2
Kazushi Shimizu H23-3
Yoichi Sekizawa H23-4
DP 2007.9.25 Tamio Nakamura
Takao Suami
Yoshiaki Sato
Yoichiro USUI
Draft Charter of the East Asian Community (English-Japanese bilingual text version)   DP22
21 2007.6.26 Eiji Ogawa Is Asian Common Currency Possible? H21 DP21
20 2007.5.22 Tamio Nakamura
Takao Suami
Yoshiaki Sato
Draft East Asian Charter H20 DP20
19 2007.4.24 Sun Ge The idea of "East Asia" - its problems and potential H19 DP19
18 2007.2.20 Toshihiro MATSUMURA Strategic Complementarity in Direct Investments H18 DP18
17 2007.1.23 Hiroshi MUKUNOKI The Economics of Free Trade Agreement and Customs Union: An Overview of the Literature H17 DP17
16 2006.12.19 Pasuk Phongpaichit Who Wants an East Asian Community (and Who Doesn't)? H16 DP16
15 2006.11.21 Yuki HONDA Nationalism, Employment and Education among Korean and Japanese Youth H15 DP15
14 2006.10.24 Satoru TAIRA Legal Issues in Interfacing the WTO Multilateral Rules with Regional Trade Agreements H14 DP14
13 2006.9.26 Yoichi SEKIZAWA Change of Japan's Attitude on Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Its Background H13 DP13
12 2006.6.20 Dan SASAKI Inter-regional locations equilibrium H12   
11 2006.5.23 Shingo HISATA Legal Issues of Develop-and-Import Scheme Contracts between Chinese and Japanese Firms H11 DP11
10 2006.4.25 Kenji HIRASHIMA The Choice for the Customs Union:Counter Proposals of Free Trade Area in Postwar Europe H10 DP10
9 2006.2.21 Yoshiaki SATO National Sovereignty and Regionalism H9-1  
Hajime YAMAMOTO H9-3  
The First East Asian Summit: Evaluation and Prospect
Mie OBA H8-2  
Sung Chull KIM H8-4  
Kazushi SHIMIZU H8-5  
2005.12.16 Nobuyuki TANAKA The Change of Chinese Law and the Subject of Globalization   DP7
2007.9.25 Gregory W. Noble Incomplete Democratization and Unreconciled Rivalries: Economic Relations Across the Taiwan Strait and Regional Cooperation   DP6



Reports on Research Progress H6-1  
Yuko NIKAIDO H6-2  
Shun KAKU H6-3  
5 2005.10.28 Mie OBA Overlapping Regionalisms in Asia  : Preparatory Examination H5 DP5
4 2005.7.19 Nobuaki HAMAGUCHI What can we learn from pros and cons of the Economic Partnership Agreement with Mexico? H4 DP4
3 2005.6.28 Kazushi SHIMIZU Intra-ASEAN Economic Cooperation H3 DP3
2 2005.5.24 Tomoo MARUKAWA Regionalism and Business H2 DP2
1 2005.4.5 Gregory Noble Explaining Regionalism: A Brief Review H1 DP1
0 2005.3.1 Tamio NAKAMURA Difficulties in legal analysis of East Asian regionalism H0 DP0
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