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CREP Seminar Information

All academic staff, students and research assistants are welcome.

Seminar in 2009

All CREP seminars have been finished successfully.

Previous Seminars
  • Seminar No.25 (2009.2.3)
    "Review of Draft Charter of an East Asian Community"
    Reviewers: Saburo Takizawa, Susumu Yamakage and Kazushi Shimizu
    Respondents: Tamio Nakamura, Takao Suami and Yoshiaki Sato
  • Seminar No.24 (2008.12.3)
    ""Food with a Visible Face": Food Traceability in Japan and Private Governance of the Food System"
    Derek Hall
  • Seminar No.23 (2008.5.23)
    "Regionalism and Environmental Governance: A Case of EU Climate Change Policies"
    Yoichiro Usui


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