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2005 CREP Workshop

redicon The 1st International Workshop was held

  September 12-13,2005 at Main Meeting Room ISS
 "Designing the Project of Comparative Regionalism"
  Summary of Workshop Discussions (*Please do not cite without permission)
  Proceedings of the Workshop is now published as the ISS Research Series No.20: Tamio Nakamura (ed.),
Designing the Project of Comparative Regionalism (March 2006).

photo photo photo photo  
  (Photo by Morita)

            Contents of the Workshop

  Presenter Abstract (a) Power Point (r) Paper (p)
Session 1 Isidro Morales Moreno 1a    
Session 2 Ando, Kenichi&Odile E. M. Janne 2a 2r  
Session 3 Yoichiro Usui 3a 3r 3p
Session 5 Guiguo Wang 5a1 5r1 5p1
Session 5 Seung Wha Chang 5a2 5r2  
Session 6 Junji Nakagawa 6a 6r  
Session 7 Gaspare Genna 7a 7r 7p

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