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● 2006 International      Conference
● 2005 Workshop

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Participants in 2006
<Project Leader>
([formerly] Professor of Law, University of Tokyo, ISS, [from April 2010] Professor of Law, Waseda University)
<Project Leader>
(Professor of Chinese Economy, University of Tokyo, ISS)
Ken’ichi ANDO
(Professor of European Economy, Shizuoka University)
Kenji HIRASHIMA (Professor of Comparative Politics, University of Tokyo, ISS)
Akira KUDO (Professor of European Economy, University of Tokyo, ISS)
Toshihiro MATSUMURA (Professor of Industrial Organization, University of Tokyo, ISS)
Shigeru MINAMINO (Associate Professor of Constitutional Law, Kyushu University)
Junji NAKAGAWA (Professor of International Economic Law, University of Tokyo, ISS)
Gregory NOBLE (Professor of Comparative Public Administration, University of Tokyo, ISS)
Masayuki OTAKI (Professor of Macro Economics, University of Tokyo, ISS)
Dan SASAKI (Associate Professor of Legal and Institutional Economics, University of Tokyo, ISS)
Yoichi SEKIZAWA (Associate Professor of International Trade)
Kazushi SHIMIZU (Professor of Asian Economy, Kyushu University)
Akira SUEHIRO (Professor of Asian Economy, University of Tokyo, ISS)
Satoru TAIRA (Professor of International Trade Law, Osaka City University)
Yoichiro USUI (Professor of European Politics, Niigata University of International and Information Studies)
Takao SUAMI (Professor of European Law, Waseda Law School)
Hajime YAMAMOTO (Professor of Constitutional Law, Tohoku University)
Yoshiaki SATO (Assistant Professor of International Law, Hiroshima Peace Institute)


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