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The Comparative Regionalism Project (CREP) completed its work on 31 March 2009.
Its site, the contents of which are dated 31 March 2009, will remain open for some time for further research.

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 Objectives of  CREP

        The initial goal of the Comparative Regionalism Project (CREP) is to identify similarities and differences among Regionalism in three different regions: Europe, the Americas, and East Asia.
        For this purpose, we analyze regional arrangements in these regions using the common analytical framework from such perspectives of law, politics and economics. We focus not only on states (national governments) but also on non-state actors such as firms, citizens' groups, and local governments as actors that may enhance institutionalization of regionalism.
        Our final goal is to present legal visions that can contribute to the institutionalization of the East Asian regionalism in the future.
        The Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Category B) has been offered to our project CREP by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science for the academic years of 2006 and 2007.

  News and Events
icon  CREP International Symposium
   A Draft Charter of the East Asian Community is now released. Please click here: "Draft Charter of the East Asian Community".

CREP International Symposium

icon  CREP News 
 As a research outcome of CREP, the following book will be published in March, 2009.
 Tamio Nakamura (ed.) East Asian Regionalism from a Legal Perspective: Current features and a vision for the future. London: Routledge, 2009.
 For further information, please click

  CREP seminar was held successfully on Feb 3.
  ●Title: Review of Draft Charter of an East Asian Community
  ●Reviewers: Professors Saburo Takizawa (UN University), Susumu Yamakage (The University of Tokyo) and Kazushi Shimizu (Kyushu University)
  ● The authors of the Draft Charter including Professors Tamio Nakamura (ISS), Takao Suami (Waseda University) and Yoshiaki Sato (Seikei University) responded to comments and questions posed during the seminar.

  CREP was selected as one of the 14 projects that meet the global standard by the University of Tokyo. The information is available in "The University of Tokyo Action Plan Guidebook 2008" (in Japanese).
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icon ISS Research Series (No. 28)
 "Future East Asian Regionalism: Proposal for an East Asian Charter" (Edited by Tamio Nakamura, ISS Research Series No.28) is published as a research outcome of the 2007 CREP International Symposium.

Future East Asian Regionalism: Proposal for an East Asian Charter
Edited by Tamio Nakamura
(February 2008)

ISS Research Series No.28
icon Discussion paper (No.24)

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