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2005 CREP Workshop

redicon The 1st International Workshop was held

  September 12-13,2005 at Main Meeting Room ISS
 "Designing the Project of Comparative Regionalism"
  Summary of Workshop Discussions (*Please do not cite without permission)
  Proceedings of the Workshop is now published as the ISS Research Series No.20: Tamio Nakamura (ed.),
Designing the Project of Comparative Regionalism (March 2006).

photo photo photo photo  
  (Photo by Morita)

            Contents of the Workshop

@ Presenter Abstract (a) Power Point (r) Paper (p)
Session 1 Isidro Morales Moreno 1a @ @
Session 2 Ando, Kenichi&Odile E. M. Janne 2a 2r @
Session 3 Yoichiro Usui 3a 3r 3p
Session 5 Guiguo Wang 5a1 5r1 5p1
Session 5 Seung Wha Chang 5a2 5r2 @
Session 6 Junji Nakagawa 6a 6r @
Session 7 Gaspare Genna 7a 7r 7p

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